Sunday, April 23, 2017

Making A Foxy Brown Statement

Who knew I could rock a dashiki into a super chic look. I remember the first dashiki i made for my son, it was blue. The colors and print were bold and beautiful, but very masculine. I wanted to wear one, but I'm a girly girl.

The dashiki originated in various West African countries bearing different cultural necessities. The name dashiki is derived from the Hausa word 'dan kick, which means shirt. The dashiki is a colorful garment worn by men. It became popular in America during the Civil Rights and Black Power Movement.

I believed that the print was masculine and I was never going to wear one, until I spotted this beauty
in one of my favorite stores Ross. It was hidden in the back rack, where I never look. Yes, this beauty was tucked away and forgotten. There was also a vast array of caftans that reminded me of Trina Turk. This beautiful green dashiki print long dress is made of jersey and fits in all the right places. When I tried it on I felt like Pam Grier in Foxy Brown, Empowered!

I love wearing it with a military jacket, since it has been very cool in this part of the country.
There are so many options and I can't wait to rock this dress all spring and summer Long!

Friday, April 7, 2017

April Dreams!

Last Sunday my husband and I had the opportunity to go to the National Museum of African History and Culture in Washington, DC. The museum is very impressive it covers the journey of slavery up until now. I remembered as a young girl what it meant to fight for equal opportunities and in my household my parents were advocates of education. It was important that my sisters and I received equal treatment, which meant we were going to college.
I remembered being integrated into a predominantly white school, that was composed of a large Jewish student body. I was treated equal and never experienced racism in the school I attended.
What brought back memories to me was Martin Luther King and how my church family would pray and fast for breakthroughs and the rights that white Americans enjoyed, that we blacks would have the same freedoms. Also seeing the hate crimes of the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham Alabama was very emotional for me as a child, and even and adult.


My BFF theeageofgrace coordinated this amazing historic adventure. There is so much to see that you need a few days to go see it entirely, and then some.

When I returned home I had to put finishing touches on a very large order I received from the Brooklyn Museum. Some of my bags will be featured in their gift shop! I am so excited because one of my goals this year is to have my bags featured in a major gallery.
Dreams do come true!


Happy New Year 2019 Giveaway

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