Sunday, April 29, 2018

Walking in The Light

I call it a mystery when one becomes enlighten. I recently had an event that happened between me and someone that I dearly love. The situation could have over powered me to make choices of dwelling in darkness and negativity. Instead, I decided to examine my heart, to see why my feelings were rustled. Sometimes I look to the word of God, to gain understanding. Once I received understanding regarding my issue, light began to flood my heart with forgiveness. I forgave myself first, and I am in the process of forgiving the individual. I decided to walk in the light and to allow negativity to dominate my mind and heart.

This picture is my power pose and reminds me that I am an overcomer, and I am victorious! 

I can look back and leave my negative thoughts behind.

I love these two pieces from Zara’s, two prints in the sane color family, and somehow it works!

Friday, April 27, 2018

Meet My Fierce Sister Robin LaMonte!

Hello wanted to introduce you to my fabulous Fierce 50 friend Robin LaMonte who is a highly successful interior designer, mother of 4 adult children, grandmother to 1,  loves good food, wine, and laughter. Robin began her career as a flight attendant for a major carrier, then retired to raise 4 children.

She went back to school at the age of 42 to complete my interior design degree so that She could become a credible interior designer and not a housewife with a flair for decorating. ( There is a difference)
She has been published, see below

Robin started Hello I'm the 50ish blog to connect with women over 50  back in the summer of 2016. She believes that she is more than a mother, grandmother, wife, friend, interior designer, lifestyle blogger, and wanted to connect to other like-minded women going through midlife who felt they have so much more to offer and to experience that life wasn't ending but only beginning!

She believes that reaching the midpoint of our lives and things have definitely changed, shifted, or stopped altogether, but keep moving forward with class, grace, and a whole lot of laughter.

Robin is an amazing woman sharing her journey as a woman over 50 who believes age is just a number!

I share my journey as a woman over 50 who believes age is just a number!

What an honor to meet this extrodinary woman and share her incredible story. 

Monday, April 23, 2018

Earth Day and Celebrating Life

Celebrating a fun day with my amazing and beautiful niece the Jenny tour! Life should be fun and we always encourage each other to be the best and have lots of laughs doing it! 

What a great way to celebrate Earth Day with these amazing floral kimono outfits. If you don’t incorporate at least one in your wardrobe, you are tmidding out on the comfort and chic look of this style! 

Happy New Year 2019 Giveaway

Happy New Year 2019 and to get this year poppin I’m giving away my mini tote bag. Head over to my Instagram for details @2chi