Friday, September 25, 2009


Hello welcome to my blogspot. My name is Cynthia I am the designer behind 2chicdesigns which consist of handbags, key fobs, aprons, & brooches. I am so excited to share my thoughts along with some of my daily routines behind my craft.
A little bit about me I am a Wife, Mother, and Grandmother. I have always been very creative and have dabbled in various mediums that included handpainted clothing, designing children's hats, dresses, and snowsuits made out of polar fleece. 
I live in the Suburbs outside of Philadelphia. I have a wonderful Husband who is a great chef when he is home. I can honestly say that I have almost eaten mostly all of Rachel Ray's 30 minute meals that were prepared by my husband. I have a wonderful 30 year old son who is a Jazz Musician and a 16 year old Daughter who is my Muse. I also have two adorable Grandchildren  7 year old Ellington and 3 year old Harmony.  I hope to share with you my life and the creative process that goes into 2chicdesigns. 

Metallic Fever

What could be better than a blue metallic slicker on a rainy day. I remember my sister and I had slicker raincoats. We adored them, I think ...