Sunday, December 27, 2015

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Christmas Eve 2016 From the Lawson family!
What a story we have and how God has brought us through and closer together as a family. My daughter had a small procedure done the beginning of this year. She was is constant pain for several months before the surgery but she was able to maintain a 4.0 grade average and recently graduated in May from Umass with high honors. My Grandchildren are amazing and are doing extremely well in school. My handsome son was diagnosed with a benign brain tumor in the spring and survived 13 hrs of surgery. So we are trusting in the lord and are grateful for his love and mercies towards our family!

From our family to yours we wish you a prosperous and Happy New Year!

Metallic Fever

What could be better than a blue metallic slicker on a rainy day. I remember my sister and I had slicker raincoats. We adored them, I think ...