Monday, July 17, 2017

Cherishing A Legacy Of Life

Last week a dear friend of my families Mother loss her Battle to cancer. I remembered when my Mother passed away about 25yrs ago. The thing I remembered so clearly when I saw her lying in the casket was her hair. It was the only thing that seemed real and alive. Although her life force was absent from the her hair was so alive. I wished I could have cut a piece of it to remember her and kept it treasured, along my life's journey.
I shared this story with the family because I was inspired by the beautiful Home Going announcement of their Mothers departure. It was absolutely beautiful and uplifting. I wanted to create something that would be memorable and create a keepsake for this dear family. I remembered I had a beautiful piece of fabric with cherry blossoms similar to the ones on the announcement card. I designed a small clutch bag that could hold memories of their mother that they could carry with them to the funeral and burial services. 
I call them legacy bags that can hold small memories to cherish during that day. 

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Chasing My Dreams At The Brooklyn Museum

Over the weekend I traveled to Harlem NY with my BFF Theeageofgrace and our Instagram husbands to visit her daughter Channinginthecity. We strolled along 125th St. where we ate brunch at a charming French restaurant called Cheri located at 231 Lenox Ave Harlem, NY. You must dine there great organic food, beautiful atmosphere, and amazing service.
Okay, let's get to the details of this visit, I was contacted by the Brooklyn Museum back in February they saw my bags and wanted to order the African Print series to place in their gift shop. The order was placed and my bags and key fobs were on their way to the Brooklyn Museum Gift Shop.
The trip was the perfect timing to see my 2chicdesigns. We had a fun time taking the number 6 long, hot, train ride from 125th street to Brooklyn to finally see my dream come true!


Upon arrival when I walked into the museums gift shop I felt a gush of excitement rise up inside of me and I was overwhelmed with joy! From the merchandising of my key fobs to the beautiful placement of my bags, it was quite emotional for me. While I was taking everything in, these two beautiful Queens in the picture above were modeling my bags, and they made my day!

This experience made me realize every dream counts, if you have a vision execute it! My talent is creating and manipulating designs into works of art via handbags. I thank God for his grace and love for me, my family and friends that have encouraged me, and most of all my amazing customers that support my work!

How Chic! 

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