Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Family Reunion

Last week I entertained my family which included my daughter and sisters, nieces, and one handsome Grand Nephew Scott Ennis.
My sister celebrated her 67th birthday and I through her a fantastic dinner celebration. My idol is Amy Atlas and her beautiful dessert tables which I incorporated. I used a thick poster board and covered it with black and white polka dot wrapping paper. I used small paper dollies that I found in my local dollar store attached them on black ribbon and had happy birthday printed letters attached to create a banner. Also I made beautiful flowers attached to window to create the sophisticated display. There were candy jars filled with chocolate pretzels, orange sliced sugar candies, mini cupcakes and cookies, and taking center pace was the birthday cake. We celebrated with a champagne toast and enjoyed dinning a feast which included roasted baked chicken, baked salmon, fresh saute sting beans, roasted potatoes, rice, and tossed spring mixed salad....What a celebration!

Happy New Year 2019 Giveaway

Happy New Year 2019 and to get this year poppin I’m giving away my mini tote bag. Head over to my Instagram for details @2chi