Monday, April 23, 2018

Earth Day and Celebrating Life

Celebrating a fun day with my amazing and beautiful niece the Jenny tour! Life should be fun and we always encourage each other to be the best and have lots of laughs doing it! 

What a great way to celebrate Earth Day with these amazing floral kimono outfits. If you don’t incorporate at least one in your wardrobe, you are tmidding out on the comfort and chic look of this style! 

Monday, February 26, 2018

Metallic Fever

What could be better than a blue metallic slicker on a rainy day. I remember my sister and I had slicker raincoats. We adored them, I think mine was yellow and hers was blue. We wore those coats everyday for about a month. We even had bucket rain hats that tyed at the neck. We were as cute as the Morton Salt girl, and we knew it! 
I love this blue metallic slicker which I picked on on sale at urban outfitters. It was love at first site, and reminded me of my childhood walking and splashing in the rain. Who says you can’t look stylish and chic on a rainy day! I plan to wear this coat into the spring!

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Playing in Linda Fargos Closet

Last week I got a chance to visit one of my favorite store Berdorf Goodman’s in New York City. I was there celebrating my besties #theeageofgrace five year blogaversary. This was my third time visiting BG and I got to tell you the customer service is impeccable. Everyone is treated like a valued customer. The sales people go out of their way to treat you as a guest, because you can’t judge a book by its cover. 

I got a chance to visit the Linda Fargos shop who is the senior vice president of the fashion office and the director of womans fashion and director of presentation. Her personal style is curated and reflects her fabulous taste.

I spotted this amazing coat by J Mandel and asked the sales associate if I could try it on, sure no problem. She even provided me with these heart shaped sunnies. The coat was amazing it was calf hair leopard print with a beautiful fox collar...just my style. When I asked about the price she responded fourteen. In my head I knew this coat was mine and I was going to purchase it today. The coat was a little tight and I was assured that they could order my size. Magically the tailor appeared and took my measurements. It was his precision in measurements that my ah ha moment manifested itself, because this was more than the fourteen that I interpreted fourteen hundred in my head, than the quote she gave me. The two did not jive with this amazing experience that was going on. I asked her again the price - fourteen she quoted what I didn’t realize that was BG talk for fourteen thousand. Luxury doesn’t have a price tag! Well I graciously slipped the coat off with no judgement from the tailor or the lovely sales associate. 
I was so inspired that I decided to look for a vintage leopard coat and I do have a fox collar!  
I aspire to one day purchase a beautiful coat of my dreams from BG!

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Vintage Dressing and Betsy Johnson

Can you remember your first over the top purchase of something that was so spectacular, that you had to have it! Well for me it was the infamous People dress, that I spotted on the bus looking at this amazing boutique called Alley Cat. There it was colorful, whimsical, and it was me, and I had to have it. The next day I walked into the boutique to try on the dress and it was perfect! I didn’t want to take it off. Thank God for lay a away, because that is how I was able to purchase my beloved People Dress from and unknown designer at the time Betsy Johnson who assumed creative control over Alley Cat. 

So after so many years of holding on to this dress, I thought I may pass it down to my daughter. To my surprise this was not her style. Oh well I’m determine to wear this iconic dress once again! I think I pulled it off under a sweater. What do you think?
Please share what your first fashion moment in the comments below! 

Thank you Mr. 2chicdesigns for braving the 12 degree weather to take these shots!

Monday, October 16, 2017

Bridging the Gap

 Hello this is my partner Natalie Pelletier, who is an actress living in Los Angeles.
She started this blog with the aim to share bites of her life. Having become the friend in her circle who is the unofficial food/wine/activity connoisseur, She is a (semi-self proclaimed) vetted source when it comes to knowing the best xyz in town. Always venturing to a new place, revisiting places Ishe loves, and aiming to share the good/bad/ugly/awesome moments of  her life in between.
Cheers, Natalie!

Drinking and dishing my way through Hollywood. Serving up a slice of honesty with a side of do what makes you! 

xoxo Natalie 

Cheers, Natalie

Drinking and dishing my way through Hollywood. Serving up a slice of honesty with a side of do what makes you happy.!

Friday, September 15, 2017

Kimono Dressing Collaboration

I love a fabulous kimono and who doesn't. The kimono trend has and will be a major part of my fashion style. There are so many colors and beautiful rich fabrics and solid knit styles to choose from. I love how they can change an ordinary outfit by adding drama. 
It reminds me of my love of the seventies vibe. kimono dressing a la Bett Midler and did Jimi Hendrix's Foxy Lady!
Here is my version of Kimono styling and also I linked up with the amazing blog collaboration called Simly Style! Check out these amazing Queens as they present their kimono styles!

Sayonara Fashionistas!

@chicclassyspicy @flyygirlfashions @savvyclickchick

Monday, August 28, 2017

Intergenerational Styling Tips

I love a tutu, and what girl doesn't! I have been contemplating wearing a tutu for quite some time. I searched high and low until I found the perfect one. 
I was inspired my Jenna Lyons style and the way she can put two opposite looks together. I decided to pair my look with a stipe tee and a camouflage jacket, and some how it works.
The photo below is my great niece and it shows style can transcend generations! 

Saturday, August 19, 2017

My Little White Dress Style Story

I'm usually all in when it comes to selecting a little black dress, but I'm keeping an open mind with this little white dress style collaboration. I got to tell you, it was a difficult challenge for me because my preference like many of you, we love our little black dress. It makes us feel sexy, sleek, and chic. The dresses that I perused online were very matronly, unforgiving in slenderizing me, and I'm just going to say it I felt like a church deaconess!

So, I did what any fashionista, project runway wannabe would do, I created one! I found a New Look #6926 pattern in my stash because I liked the shape. I altered the pattern by not using the darts because my fabric is a medium weight knit and I felt the structure would  hang well on my frame. I altered the sleeves and made a bell template from a top that I had and in the back of my closet. I like the trend of the bell sleeve and wanted to incorporate and Zhush the dress up. My accessories included a pair of black suede strappy sandals from Sam Edelman with two options of clutch evening bags that I designed. The black statement clutch bag is a beautiful black snakeskin embossed denim with mud cloth design which is the crown jewel. My inspiration for this design was the African Juju hats worn by the royal dancers of the Bamileke tribes. The pink bag gives that pop of color that can enhance any dress and viola!

Tell me who's your Mama now LWD!

Please send some love to these amazing fashionistas that are collaborating by styling the little white dress

IG Chicclassyspicy

IG _stylishParadox

IG  @onibellakay

IG mintandthrift

IG Simplystreetchic

IG Flyygirlfashions

Monday, July 17, 2017

Cherishing A Legacy Of Life

Last week a dear friend of my families Mother loss her Battle to cancer. I remembered when my Mother passed away about 25yrs ago. The thing I remembered so clearly when I saw her lying in the casket was her hair. It was the only thing that seemed real and alive. Although her life force was absent from the her hair was so alive. I wished I could have cut a piece of it to remember her and kept it treasured, along my life's journey.
I shared this story with the family because I was inspired by the beautiful Home Going announcement of their Mothers departure. It was absolutely beautiful and uplifting. I wanted to create something that would be memorable and create a keepsake for this dear family. I remembered I had a beautiful piece of fabric with cherry blossoms similar to the ones on the announcement card. I designed a small clutch bag that could hold memories of their mother that they could carry with them to the funeral and burial services. 
I call them legacy bags that can hold small memories to cherish during that day. 

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Chasing My Dreams At The Brooklyn Museum

Over the weekend I traveled to Harlem NY with my BFF Theeageofgrace and our Instagram husbands to visit her daughter Channinginthecity. We strolled along 125th St. where we ate brunch at a charming French restaurant called Cheri located at 231 Lenox Ave Harlem, NY. You must dine there great organic food, beautiful atmosphere, and amazing service.
Okay, let's get to the details of this visit, I was contacted by the Brooklyn Museum back in February they saw my bags and wanted to order the African Print series to place in their gift shop. The order was placed and my bags and key fobs were on their way to the Brooklyn Museum Gift Shop.
The trip was the perfect timing to see my 2chicdesigns. We had a fun time taking the number 6 long, hot, train ride from 125th street to Brooklyn to finally see my dream come true!


Upon arrival when I walked into the museums gift shop I felt a gush of excitement rise up inside of me and I was overwhelmed with joy! From the merchandising of my key fobs to the beautiful placement of my bags, it was quite emotional for me. While I was taking everything in, these two beautiful Queens in the picture above were modeling my bags, and they made my day!

This experience made me realize every dream counts, if you have a vision execute it! My talent is creating and manipulating designs into works of art via handbags. I thank God for his grace and love for me, my family and friends that have encouraged me, and most of all my amazing customers that support my work!

How Chic! 

Monday, June 26, 2017

Orange The New Crazy, Sexy, Chic!

One of my favorite fabric stores that I frequented in Pennsauken NJ is going out of business. I am so sad, but I was able to make one last purchase of some amazing fabric that would be perfect for my handbag line.

When I spotted the geometric orange and white pattern it spoke to me, and I began to visualize an array of several bag styles. The print reminds me of a seventies show called the Mod Squad.

I love this print because it's fun and the color is warm. Most of my clothes are black because its easy and has a slimming element. I am challenging myself this year to experiment with more vibrant colors. This bold orange geometric pattern has inspired me to try wearing orange.

I spotted this amazing dress online at Zara's for about $25. I thought it would be perfect to wear on a hot summer day. I love the high low flounce because it appeals to my sassy, crazy, and sexy style. The  orange geometric clutch, and the other clutch bag is a blue batik print.

I am excited to share the versatility of this dress with two looks. Which one do you like?



Earth Day and Celebrating Life

Celebrating a fun day with my amazing and beautiful niece the Jenny tour! Life should be fun and we always encourage each other to be the be...